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What is Causing Your Aches and Pains?

Oh, What a Pain!

Our bodies are like a machine — all parts work together to move and function properly. Similar to our bodies, when one of those parts is not moving the way it is designed to, it can throw off the entire system.

The most common aches and pains typically occur in our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Here are some causes of each that could be resulting in acute or chronic pain in your body:

Muscle Strains

Muscle injuries are extremely common and occur when a muscle is overstretched or torn. A muscle strain, or a pulled muscle, results from muscle fatigue or improper use of a muscle. That is why proper form when sitting, standing, lifting, or moving heavy items is vital!

People experience muscle strains if they have poor flexibility or if they did not warm up properly before performing physical activity. You may feel a sudden onset of pain, limited range of movement, stiffness, and soreness with a muscle strain.

To treat your muscle strain, we recommend the RICE method: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.


Tendons are thick cords that attach your muscles to your bones. Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon and can make it difficult to move the affected joint freely and painlessly.

You may also recognize tendinitis as being called tennis elbow or swimmer’s shoulder. That is because some of the most common joints to develop tendonitis are the shoulder, knee, elbow, and wrist.

Repetitive motion is typically the cause of tendinitis. Because our tendons assist our joints in moving, they frequently make the same motion over and over — especially while playing sports or working. You may feel a dull ache or a tightness around the affected area.

To treat tendonitis, we recommend following the advice of a medical professional. They may suggest heat or ice, rest or compression, or over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. Physical therapists can also show you proper stretches and exercises to do to help alleviate your pain.

Sprained Ligament

Ligaments are responsible for attaching bone to bone to help stabilize joints. Sprains typically happen suddenly from a fall or awkward movement and most commonly happen in your knee, wrist, and ankle. They are due to an overstretching or tearing of the ligament.

You may hear a pop or feel a tear when your injury occurs. The intensity of your pain will vary based on the classification of the sprain. Doctors diagnose sprains as either grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3. A grade 3 sprain is a complete tear of the ligament, which makes the joint unstable.

If you believe you have a ligament sprain, you may notice swelling, pain, and bruising. Contact a medical professional as soon as possible for an effective treatment plan.

Joint Pain

Joints are the parts of your body where bones meet, allowing your body to move. Your major joints include your shoulder, hips, elbows, and knees. Joint pain can cause a significant amount of pain and often feels like a dull ache or soreness.

While joint pain is commonly the result of normal wear and tear to your body, it is also frequently caused by arthritis. The two main forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Other causes include lupus, fibromyalgia, infection, injury, and breakdown of cartilage.

Regardless of the cause, if you are experiencing joint pain, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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